Surreal Landscapes

Today we are presenting the paintings of Nate Burbeck, whose work re-instills a sense of surprise and wonder in the suburban landscapes we think we know so well. His statement follows. 

My paintings consist of large panoramic landscapes depicting isolated moments of the surreal within the context of contemporary culture.  These scenes aim to explore and externalize the psychological underpinnings of American society and to question perceptions of reality.  My interest is in revealing America as a social landscape and also to reflect an internal space.  The placement of fantastical or dreamlike elements in these narratives creates tension between what is familiar and what is distinctively surreal.

Each painting is made from a collection of reference and source materials.  I begin my process by researching possible locations, sometimes with online mapping like Google Street View, other times by driving.  Once a location is determined I set out and take a series of photographs at that spot.  These location photographs will become the basis for each painting.  I additionally collect other reference material from online sources, and if necessary from photographs taken of models that I have pose for me.  All of this material is then composed in a series of drawings and then realized in oil on canvas.